Monday, January 26, 2009

Reviews: Mac Facebook plugins

Want to share your photos on Facebook easily on a Mac? Want to know what your friends are up to blow by blow? (OK, that sounds more like Twitter, so maybe day-by-day.) Just download these free Mac OS X plugins and you can lose even more hours lost in a Facebook

Facebook Exporter for iPhoto
Mac Brainiac Rating

Download Now
(191K) Developer: Facebook

Made by Facebook
Works well when it works.

Can be buggy
Not necessary with iPhoto'09.

This free plugin for iPhoto enables you to export photos (with tags) directly to your Facebook account. Though if you have iPhoto'09, this feature is now built-in.

Mac Brainiac rating

Download Now (1.1MB) Developer: Paul Borokhov
Discreet and simple
Quick access to Facebook
Keeps in sync with Facebook.
Unstable in Leopard.

This free Mac program integrates itself into the menu bar and brings up cool Growl notifications about Facebook events.

You can also access common Facebook pages and see how many messages you have. Not to mention how many events, pokes, friend requests, photo comments and wall posts. (Oops, I just mentioned it.) It's fast and scans Facebook for what's new every 30 seconds.

Mac Brainiac rating

Download Now (49K) Developer: Ed-Shiro

This widget is made to live in your Mac OS X dashboard. It keeps you up to date with all the usual Facebook notifications such as pokes, messages, friend requests, group invites, and event invites.

Facebook Toolbar for Firefox
Mac Brainiac rating

Download Now Developer: Mozilla Firefox

This free extension for Firefox brings Facebook into your web browsing.
You can look up and see how many new pokes, friend requests, and messages you have next to the little pictured icons. A pop-up will notify you when your friends update their statuses or write something to you.

The most interesting feature is the share button, which lets you share the page that you are currently browsing by sending it to friends or posting it to your profile.

Mac Brainiac rating

Download Now Developer: FSB Software

Address Book contact photos are synced.

Doesn't always work!

This application syncs your Apple Address Book with your Facebook account. What does that mean? All your contacts' details are kept matching: names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and even photos.

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