Thursday, February 12, 2009

Apple Mac Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters

When Mini DisplayPort was unveiled by Apple, Steve Jobs stood strong behind it as an alternative to both DVI (used in previous Macs) and HDMI (an industry standard for newer HDTV LCD displays).

But that left people with new unibody Macbooks (released from October 2008) without a way to output to their perfectly good monitors and TVs. (Hey we spent good money on our LG, Dell and Samsung HDTV monitors, Mr Jobs.)

Soon those with newer Apple Macbooks and Macbook Pros sporting the Mini DisplayPort will have an easy way to output video to their HDMI LCD screen or TV.

American discount cable website will sell the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters for $14.25 from 15 March.

And if you have a desire to connect your shiny new Mac laptop to a monitor or TV with a DVI or VGA input but have balked at Apple's $29 price tag for such a device, then you're in luck. Another two new offerings will convert the Mini DisplayPort signal for DVI or VGA but at half the asking price of Apple's adapters.

In the meantime, if you need a quick and dirty workaround to get Mini DisplayPort to HDMI, try a Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter piggybacked to a DVI to HDMI cable. But be ready to fork out the cash for two adapters to end up with some nasty looking plastic.


  1. Hi Braniac,

    Well, I have spent all night tryin to figure out how to get my macbook to play my movies on my tv. I have the cable - the mini dp to HDMI adapter and the HDMI cable to hook into the HDMI in port on the tv but have no idea how to get the thing to work. Nothing happens. I get a blue screen is all. Any insight? Thanks. Stacy -

  2. Simply connect the supplied DVI cable to the input side of the DVI Audio to HDMI Adapter. Then connect the SPDIF digital audio cable to the audio input of the DVI Audio to HDMI Adapter. Then connect the HDMI display or projector to the HDMI output of the DVI Audio to HDMI Adapter. The adapter encodes the digital audio onto the digital video signal to generate the HDMI signal.